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Designer(s) SleepingBrim
First appearance Harpy Gaiden
Birthday September 13th, 2801
Species Mannequin
Gender Female
Weight 40 lbs
Height 4'8" (1.42m)
Parent(s) Silvia Jackson,Gabriel Park
Lover(s) Victor
Rival(s) Radi,Kagura

Ashley Park is a former human who became a Mannequin through some unfortunate encounters after being sent to hell for the first time. She was originally designed as the main antagonist of Harpy Gaiden. In her past, she had a very upbeat and cheery personality, often making a great leader and serving as her party's counselor.




Lesley has a fair complexion, brown hair, and amber eyes. She weighs 150lbs.

Her outfit was the same dress she had in Harpy Gaiden DX, but with a white primary color and a red accent color, alongside missing the cloth wrapped around her stomach.


Ashley is a pale off-white, her hair starts at a crimson red near the top and fades towards an ash grey the further down it goes. She has crimson red eyes, just like the other wielders of the Rainbow Crystal. Her base material is wood, and at some of her joints, enough of the paint on her has chipped to reveal the beige coloration and rough texture beneath. In this design she gains horns and has decorated them both with 4 large decorative beads. In this form, her weight is only 40lbs, because she is made of a lighter material.

She has a layered dress with a red primary color and a white accent. Around her abdomen is a cloth that is tied around where she received a fatal wound back from when she was a human. On her cleavage is a large ruby that matches the color of her eyes.



Lesley is a confident girl that leads and counsels her friends to ensure maximum efficiency when doing missions.

She had an interest to magic at a very young age and took to the dangerous job of experimenting with spells in hopes to create new spells; Though her magic was very weak, it would eventually pay of much later in her life.

On a daily basis she would try to make moves on her crush, Victor, though he initially didn't care for her that much, her exploits led to her growing on him.


Ashley is a psychopath and a megalomaniac. Broken from the death of her loved one, the loss of the world she once knew, and torture from the forces of Hell, Ashley's mind has degraded to want nothing but power and destruction.

Often she manipulates others to carry out her bidding without them knowing.

Despite the chaotic personality, Ashley does have her calmer moments where she sits alone and reminisces about her previous life and how much better it was, the only thing driving her at this rate is a desire for


Early Childhood

Lesley is the child of Silvia Jackson and Gabriel Park, born in 2801, the surface of the earth had not yet been restructured as doomsday had not yet occurred.

In her childhood, Lesley lived a relatively normal life for her time period, attending schooling and showing an interest in some fantasy media.

Young Adulthood

The Rainbow Crystal had first begun to form in Lesley's early adulthood, and though she never attempted to visit it, she had often heard rumors of how it would attack people that came near it.

Not too long after, research was done on the crystal and magical items became mass produced.

Lesley, Zephyr, Victor, Kagura, and Justin all grouped together as a vigilante gang, solving local crime with their newly acquired magical abilities. In one of their encounters, Lesley met her untimely demise and was sent to Hell, where she initially was cursed to live as a log of wood not unlike the one that had killed her. After hearing her pleas, her torturer granted her back most of her self control by carving her vessel into a Mannequin, however, cursing her with bad luck as a means of balancing things out.


Due to Hell's time dilation, when Ashley eventually escaped Hell, she was faced with an unfamiliar environment, and quickly came to find that her group had passed away long ago.

After learning of Victor's death, she snapped, and her personality was permanently affected.

She began to suffer from hallucinations, and she began to seek revenge on all of humanity.

Harpy Gaiden

Freeware Canon

In Harpy Gaiden, Ashley stole various blades from the Harpy Village, firebombing the village in her attack. Though she didn't kill anyone, she did leave a permanent mark on the village.

She scattered the blades across several levels, hiding them in spots Radi would hopefully not find.

If all of the blades were collected, a cutscene would play after her second phase, showing her defeat.

In the regular game, her soul escapes her body, implying she's yet to live again.

In the New Game + ending, she is stabbed through the chest by Samantha Spice, promptly exploding into nothingness.

DX Canon

In Harpy Gaiden DX, Ashley stole various blades from the Harpy Village, kidnapped several harpies, and firebombed the Harpy Village.'

She entrusted each blade to several different mercenaries.

Musical Themes

Ashley's main theme is "Ashley", a song that first appeared in Harpy Gaiden.

Songs also associated with her from that same game are "Mannequin from Hell", "Scythe of Chaos", and "Megalomania"


Ashley has appeared in a few Xysspon games.


Lesley is a Scottish surname derived from a Scottish place name, its meaning is "Garden of Holly".

Ashley is an English surname likely meaning "Ash tree clearing". Ashley was chosen because of the pun on 'Lesley' and 'Ash', implying that Lesley has risen again from the ashes of Hell.

Park is a shortened version of Parker, it is an English occupational surname that meant "Keeper of the park".


Ashley's design took several influences from Touhou, especially the appearance of the now defunct character Mima.

Her personality was based on a character from the same designer as Harrier, and she even took a few of her physical traits as well.

Ashley's physical traits (namely height and figure) are based on one of the musicians that worked on Harpy Gaiden, Box.

She is one of the first Xysspon characters not to follow a monochrome palette limitation.

Her design wasn't solidified until months after the release of Harpy Gaiden.