Designer(s) Jade
First appearance Day in the Life of a Harpy 2
Birthday November 12th, 3910
Species Nekomata
Gender Female
Weight Unknown
Height 6'4" (1.93m)
Occupation Professional Culinarian
Parent(s) Emily Gray, Kit Lillin
Lover(s) Rin
Rival(s) Samantha Spice

Cait Nicochi Lillin is the first character ever designed for Xysspon, the main protagonist of Senyakyo, and the final boss of Day in the Life of a Harpy 2. She is a Nekomata that was raised in the Neko Reserve, she had to fend for herself due to her parents dying early in her childhood. She managed to gain the skills and the connections necessary to leverage the pity of those around her to help build and sustain her own home. During her mid 30s she eventually began on her quest to defeat Spice in an attempt to free her from the grasp of the Rainbow Crystal.



Cait is a character that was born under the Rainbow Curtain, thus, she lacks vibrant pigments everywhere except for her eyes. Like every other user of the Rainbow Crystal, she was born with crimson red eyes. She stands at 6'4 ( 193cm ), and weighs in at 213lbs.

Her appearance has hear wearing a torn red tank top, baggy shorts, a grey baker boy cap, a cat-face hairpin, and toeless stockings. Her oldest design as it appears in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2 has her with a regular crop top, short shorts, a different hairstyle, and no hat.


Cait is an individual that struggles to process information given to her, often not fully understanding what's being said to her. Cait spent most of her life speaking Lillithic, as opposed to English, due to being raised for the most part by Xyssia. Her lack of understanding of the local language has led to her not being the most well spoken person, though when speaking Lillithic she often comes off as much more formal than she would otherwise.

She has demonstrated how much she wants to protect her species, even if it results in her being the bad guy, she only wants the best for those around her. Cait is especially loyal to her companion Rin, and always defends her when she can't defend herself. In her time alone, she learned to defend herself using cat claws, she also dabbled with various firearms, pole-arms, as well as unconventional weapons such as t-shirt canons and balls of yarn.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Born in the year 3910, Cait was the child of Emily Gray and Kit Lillin; only a few years after being born, both of her parents died in a fire caused during the 3rd Siege of the Neko Reserve. She was left to wander the Reserve on her own, and within her first year of being an orphan, she met Xyssia, who visited her often and helped to raise her, often taking her to spend time in Capitol City.

Young AdulthoodEdit

After turning 25, Cait finally graduates to the upper sections of the Neko Reserve and is finally able to live amongst the adults properly.

In this time the finally puts her plans to construct a home to action and builds herself a home to live in with the help of some people that she had gotten to know that had already graduated to the upper reserve.

Musical ThemesEdit

Cait's main theme is "Cat Cider", a song that first appeared in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2.

The main motif associated with her is the bassline from "A Cry for Help", this motif is also heavily associated with the Neko Reserve.


Cait has been referenced in multiple Xysspon games:

  • Day in the Life of a Harpy 2 - As the final boss.
  • Dire Dragon - Her theme appeared as a bonus song in the game's album.
  • Senyakyo - As the protagonist.


Cait is a diminutive of Caitlin and Catherine, this is a reference to the first name of one of Day in the Life of a Harpy's musicians. The actual origin of the name Katherine is heavily debated, and has multiple meanings ranging from "Torture" to "Pure". It also is a pun on the word "Cat" and a reference to a Celtic mythological creature called Cait Sith told to haunt the Scottish highlands.

Nico is part of a Japanese onomatopoeia for smiling.

Lillin is a male equivalent to Lilith, which in itself means "Of the night", it originates from Judeo Christian legends of Adam's first wife, a demon, that was eventually replaced by Eve because she would not submit to him. This name is the first name of the voice actor that is sampled as Cait's voice in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2.


Cait's original name was Neko, but this was changed in order to make her stand apart from the name of her race.

Cait's middle name 'Nico' was chosen as a parallel to Rin's name, both being characters from Love Live, and both being related to cats either by pun or by character personality.

Originally, she was planned to be a slime catgirl. Her second design iteration had her wearing pants and a tank top. Her third iteration was mostly the same as her appearance in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2, but she was skinnier and had more detailed short shorts.