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'Demon' is a broad term that covers all sentient species from Hell. A majority of demon species can also be split into 'Lesser' and 'Greater' variations.


Axisdemons are a pair of species that are functionally similar, but have a few notable differences. Usually these two groups are separated in the same way Humans and some Demihumans separate genders. What determines an Axisdemon's classification isn't their gender, but rather is another factor entirely that demons keep track of.


Styxdemons are distinguished by their extroverted nature. The spikes on their bodies are limited to their back and shoulders. Styxdemons are typically taller than Kamademons.


Kamademons are distinguished by their introverted nature. The spikes on their bodies can be on their back, arms, and shoulders.


  • Main Article : Imp

Imps are Demons that have a short stature. They have a more rural culture than Axisdemons, and spend more time learning magic than Axisdemons.

Their bodies are capable of resisting extremely high temperatures.

Fallen AngelEdit

Fallen Angels are Angels that were exiled from the Oasis of Light. Their magic isn't as strong as an Angel's, but as a trade-off they aren't nearly as frail.


Minotaurs are a bipedal species with horse-like legs. They typically are much taller than the average human, and exhibit unrivaled strength. They are closely related to Holstaurs.


Hellhounds are a species that is functionally similar to Protobolds, however they are capable of magic like other Demon species.


Sphinx are very similar to Protonekos, they have a natural affinity for magic and spend most of their lives training to learn stronger and stronger magic.


Tengu are a species very similar to Harpies, however they are much more hostile and have a more even gender ratio. They are the second most powerful magic users in Hell.


Yahang are a goatlike species that live off of blood like Vampires. They are the strongest residents of hell in terms of magical capability alone. They resemble Sujans.


Nitere are a species that resembles Parataurs, but they are larger in size, and are much better at handling their mobility than their Demihuman counterparts.


Hitama are a species that look similar to a mix of Bigon and Human. They have human-like skin but do have scaly parts of their bodies.


Fureans are a species that resembles Ikicin, but in place of their legs they have tentacles.


Sludges are very similar to Slimes, however, they didn't come about through genetic modification, and they are a much more hostile and dangerous species.

Tortured SoulsEdit

When a new soul appears in The Pits, they may be revived as a hybrid of one of the following species.



Revenants are a type of reanimated being that is unique to hell. They have widely varying amounts of rot, and spend their entire lives trying to exact revenge on those who wrong them.

Unlike Mummies, they do not try to cover up their rot, and take pride in the fact that they are miraculously alive.


Dullahans are the reanimated corpses of those that have escaped from The Pits.

Their head is typically separated from their body, and unlike a Zombie, their head and body can function independently of each other.


Mannequins are humanoid machines / figures that are built like a puppet and are haunted by a Spirit.


Golems are humanoid statues, traditionally made of stone, that are haunted by a Spirit.


Vampires are a species that live off of blood or blood substitutes. Their skin is sensitive to sunlight.