Dire Dragon

Dire Dragon is a title that was released in 2018 to further delay the release of Mugeneko. The game itself is widely considered to be the worst game ever made by Xysspon (Followed by Day in the Life of a Harpy), with it only having a two week development cycle. The stylistic choices for this game are meant to emulate that of Super Mario Bros. on the NES, with similar color restrictions and horizontal-only scrolling. The game features 8 worlds with 4 levels in each, totaling to 32 areas in total.

The page for Dire Dragon on itch.io was marked as private in 2019 due to the lead developer's discontent for the quality of the game.


The game's story involves the dragon Elinor adventuring through 8 worlds to reclaim their stolen horde of gold. Elinor is able to dash and double jump. Their attack methods are through collectable cards that change their attack method between Fire, Ice, and Poison.

Coins and other items are collected to raise the player's score, this has no affect on the game's outcome.

Some methods of dying cause the game to soft lock.


Dire Dragon is the first game to be developed to be a game that exists within the main universe, thus, starting the internal universe; it was created by someone in that universe and is played by people in that universe.

This ideology led to this game sharing no enemies with other games, and the only thing it really shares with other titles is it featuring a Demihuman as the main protagonist.