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Dragons are a species that migrated from the Dream World to Earth.

Some species of dragons initially exist in a humanoid form, and must acquire a mass sum of Mana in order to attain their true form.

Dragon[edit source]

Dragons are scaly creatures that stand on all fours and fly using their wings, Their wing count can range from 2 to 6.

Wyvern[edit source]

Wyverns are a species of dragon that typically stand on two feet, as opposed to all four feet. They typically are covered in fur.

Wyrm[edit source]

  • Main Article : Wyrm

Wyrms are a type of dragon that are identified by their long, serpent-like bodies.

Drake[edit source]

Drakes are very similar to dragons, but they lack wings and typically have more body armor. They are the only type of dragon incapable of flight.

Miregon[edit source]

Miregons are similar to Wyrms, but unlike Wyrms, they have arms and legs, as well as whiskers. They have fur like Wyverns.

Bigon[edit source]

Bigons by default have a more humanoid build. They retain their scaly skin and have a mostly similar head structure.

After collecting a large sum of mana, they eventually are capable of changing into their dragon form at will, and are capable of changing back to their humanoid form. Most Bigons don't bother to collect Mana, and just end up in their own secluded societies away from both Humans and Demihumans.

Navyr[edit source]

Navyr are the offspring of Bigons and humans, their default form is that of a human, wherein it requires a vast sum of mana in order to take a draconic form. They have integrated into society with the rest of the demihuman species.