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Designer(s) Jade
First appearance Day in the Life of a Harpy
Species Harpy
Gender Female
Weight 76lbs (34kg)
Height 5'1 (155cm)
Parent(s) Besi Ridama
Rival(s) Cait

Duri Ridama is one of the first characters designed for Xysspon, she is the main protagonist of the Harpy series of games, and is the first playable character in a Xysspon game. She is a Harpy that was born and raised in the Harpy Village, her job is to be a cartographer, making and selling maps to commissioners, using her flight to her advantage to peer down at large sections of land.

Profile[edit source]

Appearance[edit source]

Born under the Rainbow Curtain, Duri lacks pigment throughout most of her body, save for her pupils. Her height is 5'1 (155cm) and weight is 76lbs (34kg).

Her getup consists of a tank top and a cloth tied around her waist.

Personality[edit source]

Duri is a youthful girl that often is a bit louder than is ever necessary. She always has others well being in mind when making her actions, and has always been considered as the "pure" person by those around her.

Life[edit source]

Early Childhood[edit source]

Duri is the direct descendant of Besi Ridama, she quickly grew fond of trying to imagine the terrain for what it might've looked like in the past before the Rainbow Curtain took effect. Her mother pressured her into schooling, something harpies usually don't take, and she became literate enough to begin understanding the intricacies of the terrain that had fascinated her so much. When Duri turned 10, her mother let her begin exploring the world on her own, she, being the child she is, often goes a bit farther than is safe for someone her age. The story about her first time heading home after exploring is told in Day in the Life of a Harpy. During the events of Harpy Gaiden, Duri is mostly on standby, helping repair the Harpy Village while Radi takes care of Ashley.

Day in the Life of a Harpy 2[edit source]

Duri's first conflict generated by the Rainbow Crystal is against Cait, one of the future wielders of the crystal, but also one person that was, at the time, determined to stop the effects of it. The fog caused by the Rainbow Curtain had began to thicken, and in Cait's constantly poor judgement, she thought a windmill would be enough to blow away the clouds. Through a little handiwork, Duri quickly overtook Cait, but this wouldn't be the last time they'd interact.

Teenage Years[edit source]

As Duri aged, her mastery of flight improved, allowing her to reach lands far from home. Thanks to the Rainbow Curtain being dispelled, the terrain could be seen clearly, the cost to this was that now Duri's primary profession was no longer a high paying task. She ended up taking up cartography, which was still valuable thanks to the mapping systems from before Doomsday being down.

Musical Themes[edit source]

Duri's main theme is "Bitter Dream" from the Day in the Life of a Harpy soundtrack.

Her main motif is the arpeggio from "Folded Forest" from the Day in the Life of a Harpy soundtrack.

Appearances[edit source]

Duri is a common recurring character in Xysspon games.

Etymology[edit source]

Duri means "Two" in Korean, though the name was chosen as a pun on "Durable"

Trivia[edit source]

Duri's character design was based off of Cait's in terms of its color scheme, this gave way to the concept of the Rainbow Curtain.

Duri's original name was "ハーピーちゃん" or "Harpy-Chan", this was changed for the sake of being less generic.