Harpy Family

'Harpies' consist of a few species that are notable for their avian features.


Main Article : Proto-Harpy

Proto Harpies are the ancestor of all other harpy species, they were genetically engineered by GMaSG.


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Harpies are the direct descendants of Proto-Harpies, they are more human in physique but aren't much brighter than their ancestors.


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Neliam descended from Proto-Harpies just like Harpies. They are more feathery than Harpies, and are on par with humans in their ability to memorize information.

Despite these advantages, their mating habits have led to them being rather uncommon in most parts of the world.


Lizardmen are descendants of Proto-Harpies that evolved to exhibit more reptilian traits.


Utriamnis are lizardmen that have a more humanoid build.


Mutsada are the descendants of Utriamnis, they have a bulkier build with a more slouched posture.