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'Machination' refers to any robotic or partially robotic species.



Calcul-a are designed to crunch numbers efficiently, and are relatively cheap to produce.


Calcul-b are designed to crunch numbers and preform basic household tasks.


Refins are designed to be used in the workforce, being able to sort papers and make calls, as well as being able to aid in constructing buildings, or other physically demanding activities.


Senzo are a specialized type of robot designed expressly as weapons of war.

They are relatively easy to produce, however, most producers have put in limits as to how many they deploy at any one time.



Visorons are a type of android that was designed to be used in commercial scenarios. They are expensive to produce, but are the most natural feeling androids available.


Bokkusu are a line of androids created mainly to preform household tasks. They initially started as rather expensive, but after a few generations became something people would treat as a typical household appliance.

Later models began to have personality, and eventually they became a direct competitor to Projematrons.


Projematrons are a holographic AI that can function as a friend, companion, or caretaker. They cannot affect the physical world without use of Nanomachines, but each Projematron is personalized and has their own personality, set of emotions, and randomly generated 'life story', none of which the buyer gets to choose.


Mofudroids are androids that are considered to feel the most realistic, and are always on the cutting edge of simulating the way a real body feels.


Kamamatons are androids that are not sold, but are simply produced by an unknown group and sent into the wild.

This type of android learns in the same way any other sentient species would, and thus lives alongside Demihumans.


Mimatons are released into the wild at random just like Kamamatons are.

Mimatons are also capable of learning like Kamamaton, however they have a distinctly different code base and internal structure.



Cyborgs are hybrid of flesh and machine, they can exhibit traits such as enhanced mobility, sight, hearing, and brainpower.

Living Battery

Living batteries are hybrids of flesh and machine that are used as means of harvesting energy through biological means.