'Mandragona' refers to all sentient flora. All of which originate from the dream world.


Arames are human-like in shape, though they are made of plant matter, and have a very different internal organ structure compared to any fauna. They have mandibles and are stuck to the ground of soil in which they were originally planted in.

A majority of Arames have not migrated to the real world, any sightings of them in the real world are passed off as hoaxes.


Alraunes are the descendants of Arames, the one distinct difference is that they are able to move around and have a proper set of legs.

Unlike Arames, plants are capable of growing on Alraunes, this can benefit or harm them, depending on the nature of the plant.


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Ents are the descendants of Alraunes that have evolved to have wooden plating on around half of their body, as well as a much larger stature in general, ranging anywhere from 6 feet to 16 feet.


Matangos are sentient fungi with a mostly human appearance, they have a mushroom cap as well as hair, some parts of their bodies may also grow extra mushroom caps.


Konaune are waterborn mandragona, they have long flowing kelp-like hair and have an extremely varying height that can range anywhere from 4 feet tall to 18 feet tall.


Shokune are the descendants of Arames, they need to be rooted in moist ground. They are able to leverage powerful tentacles that are helpful for increasing their effective range of influence up to 25 feet.


Shokune are the descendants of Shume, they are not bound to the ground, but do have a much higher demand for water than most land-dwelling creatures. Their tentacles aren't nearly as long as a Shume's, and they are less powerful in comparison.