Merfolk Family

'Merfolk' is a broad term that covers all sentient aquatic life.


Mermen are a genetically engineered species made by GMaSG. They are bipedal and have the ability to breathe both in water and above water.

They notably have fins on the side of their head, and occasionally have horns.


Siren are an evolved form of Mermen that have a fish-like tail in place of their legs.


Unaga are an evolved form of Siren. They have an elongated tail, making them functionally a waterborne Lamia.

Unlike their ancestors, they cannot breathe above water.


Ikicin are a descendant of mermen. Their hair is made of squid-like tentacles.


Takar are a descendant of mermen. Their hair is made of octopus-like tentacles.


Canas are the descendants of Mermen and Arachne. They are capable of breathing both above water and below water, and have powerful claws in place of human arms.


A separate group of merfolk who settled the shores of the distant island of Bastet. Isolated from the rest of civilization due to the vast sea surrounding them, the Shoretetrae developed their own culture and traditions.