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'Nekos' consist of several different species. All of which exhibit catlike features.

Protoneko[edit source]

Protonekos are the common ancestor of all the other Neko species, they were genetically engineered by GMaSG.

Nekomimi[edit source]

Nekomimis are the result of intermingling between Humans and Protonekos, resulting in what is essentially a regular human with cat ears and a cat tail.

They seem to exhibit no mental traits that make them unique from humans.

Nekomata[edit source]

Nekomatas are a direct descendant of Protonekos and came about as a result of mutations. They have slightly furry skin, a small snout with a catlike nose and mouth. They're the only Neko species that has whiskers.

They have a notable aversion for technology that took nearly a century to overcome, they still retain a tribal culture and are often hunted by other species.

Nekomo[edit source]

Nekomos are a direct descendant of Protonekos that diverged from Nekomatas and mutated further to gain more catlike features than them.

They are extremely uncommon and are considered critically endangered.

Werecat[edit source]

Werecats are a breed of Nekomatas that exclusively exhibit the traits of another species, but begin to show more catlike features as they age, eventually turning into a hybrid of the two species.

They are treated the same culturally as Nekomatas, but do not act the same in most instances.