Designer(s) MiltVala
First appearance Harpy Gaiden
Species Harpy
Gender Intersex
Weight 90lbs (41kg)
Height 5'4 (163cm)
Parent(s) Anar Cali
Rival(s) Ashley

Radi Cali is a character designed to be a contrast against Duri, with a more laid back and matured personality compared to Duri's active and almost childlike nature. She is an intersex Harpy and is the third playable character in a Xysspon game as the main protagonist of Harpy Gaiden. She lives a mostly uneventful life, but when she was younger she filled the role of being the Harpy Village's defender.



Radi, being born under the Rainbow Curtain, lacks pigment throughout most of her body. She is 5'4 (163cm) tall and weighs 90lbs (41kg).

She has messy grey hair, blue face and body markings.

Her choice of top varies from title to title, sometimes being a high cut crop tank top, sometimes being a sports bra, and sometimes being a ringed bandeau.


Radi is a laid-back, perverted chick, she took the backseat in life when Duri finally became competent at flying, thus allowing her to focus more on her home life.

Radi loves archery, and though she uses it as means of defending herself and her town from any threats, be it colonialists, random creatures, or Arias.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Radi is the child of Anar Cali After spending the first 8 years of her life training in archery, she found herself one of the most active defenders of the Harpy Village, doing that as an early job of sorts, as she would get paid mostly in currency, allowing her to afford to travel out and buy exotic items that aren't usually imported to the Harpy Village or other nearby towns.

Harpy GaidenEdit

Harpy Gaiden has Radi defending the Harpy Village against an attack by Ashley.

Radi collects blades and hunts down Ashley, eventually defeating her and saving her village.

Day in the Life of a HarpyEdit

By the time the events of Day in the Life of a Harpy occur, Radi takes the backseat as Duri was finally competent enough to defend the town and herself on her own.

Teenage YearsEdit

Now having more time to herself, Radi often finds herself hanging out with Duri, skateboarding, and lounging around.


Radi appears in a few Xysspon games.


Radi Cali is a pun on the slang-term "Radical", another character that is named after this word is Redd.


Radi is one of the first Xysspon characters not to be designed by Jade.