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The Rainbow Crystal is a long contested over artifact, known to cause harm to the environment around it as it sucks energy out of the earth to power whatever spells its user desires. It is located at the top of Mt. Dybla, underneath it lies the Rainbow Energy Chamber, and further below it, the Neko Reserve. The Rainbow Crystal has no known date of origin, but it was first discovered in its full capacity on Mt. Dybla the year 2901, but has been documented to have been seen as early as the 2100s as a non-stationary object. This was the world's first properly documented exposure to magic. The Rainbow Crystal is directly responsible for the Rainbow Curtain, and may also be the catalyst that allowed the Demons to reach the surface.

History[edit source]

The Rainbow Crystal has 'wielders', or rather, people who are selected by the Crystal to use its power.

The more power the crystal uses, the more energy it drains from the environment around it, this is why areas around the Rainbow Crystal used to appear dried out and dead.

Some wielders of the crystal used it to affect the environment in specific ways, the effects weren't undone until another wielder chose to get rid of said effects; Said environmental effects usually took about a day to take place.

In the Neko Ruins exists a Statue Chamber that was constructed during Mogo's Reign, it contains statues of every user of the Crystal, even before they got ownership of it.

Mogo's Reign[edit source]

Mogo was the first wielder of the Crystal, she only used its power once and was not corrupted by it.

Vylova's Reign[edit source]

Vylova took ownership of the Crystal from Mogo after killing her.

She used the Crystal's power to ravage what eventually became the Neko Ruins, sending the Nekomatas into hiding in the caves of Mt. Dybla.

Amy's Reign[edit source]

Amy was the first wielder of the Crystal to usher in the effects of the Rainbow Curtain, these effects would last for several generations.

Amy was the first crystal user to immortalize herself within the Crystal by sealing herself within it. Eventually, her body was absorbed into it.

Shoji's Reign[edit source]

Shoji was mostly unaware that she could use the Crystal's power.

She would often accidentally channel it when others attempted to usurp the power from her.

Ingrid's Reign[edit source]

Ingrid used the Crystal's power to construct the Rainbow Energy Chamber.

Ashley's Reign[edit source]

Ashley took ownership of the Crystal from Ingrid after killing them.

Ashley, already being powerful, didn't need to employ the abilities the Crystal granted her often.

However, she did use the Crystal to create new monsters to get in Radi's way in the New Game + section of Harpy Gaiden.

This spawned the existence of:

Samantha's Reign[edit source]

Spice took ownership of the Crystal from Ashley after killing her.

Samantha Spice used the Crystal's power often for strong magical attacks and to heal herself from the brink of death.

The area under the Rainbow Curtain suffered from constant quakes and paranormal events.

The Crystal began to have parasitic effects on Spice, with crystals growing all over her body by the end of Mugeneko.

Cait's Reign[edit source]

Cait was granted the Crystal's power when she was sealed within it.

When she was sealed, the effects of the Rainbow Curtain ended, and life began teeming as it was once intended to.

Cait, being sealed in the Crystal, was about 10% consumed by the Crystal. When freed, was covered with crystals, not unlike how Spice was near the end of Mugeneko.

Cait was freed of the Crystal's control and was able to freely use the power of the crystal without her mind being taken over.

Being sealed within the Crystal allowed Amy to partially posses her, causing a permanent personality shift to occur with her.

Trivia[edit source]

The Rainbow Crystal may have been made as a parody on the crystals that frequently appear in the Final Fantasy series of games.

The shape of the Rainbow Crystal resembles the Red Crystal from Cave Story, and functions somewhat like the Demon Crown from the same game, being a powerful item that changes ownership over time.