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Designer(s) Potato
First appearance Mugeneko
Birthday July 7th, 3914
Species Nekomata
Gender Female
Weight 162lbs
Height 6'1" (1.85m)
Occupation Web Designer
Parent(s) Minoru Ichii, Bella Smith
Lover(s) Cait
Rival(s) Elizabeth Spice

Rin Smith is a Nekomata with an affinity for music and a crush on Cait. She lives in the Neko Reserve's crystal caves.



Rin is a character that was born under the Rainbow Curtain, meaning she lacks pigments everywhere in her body save for her eyes, which are bright orange. Her height is 6'1 (185cm) and her weight is 162lbs.

Her usual attire is a grey T-Shirt that is tied up to show some midriff, ripped black jeans, black boots, a brown cropped leather jacket, and two ear piercings.


Rin is the most level headed of her friends, but is also the most outgoing as well. She flirts with Cait and Sam at any opportunity she can find, constantly finding new ways to make them flustered, though she herself can be easily flustered by any infrequent advances by the other two.


Early Childhood

Born in 3914 as the child of Minoru Ichii and Bella Smith , Rin spent most of her childhood hanging out with Cait and Spice. She was a very innocent child, and almost never could bring herself to doing anything remotely unsavory. She lived in the Neko City in the home upstairs from her parents' coffee shop.


Rin is referenced in a few Xysspon games:


Rin is a common Japanese name that can be translated as "Severe", "Cold", or "Dignified", it also draws parallels from Love Live's Rin, a cat-themed idol.

Smith is a common English surname that is related to blacksmiths, its meaning can be derived from the action of smiting or hitting something.


Rin was originally intended to be a near clone of Cait, meant to have the exact same build as her. Later she was depicted as an office lady, before eventually being finalized.