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=== Welcome to the Xysspon wiki ===
[[Xysspon|Xysspon LLC.]] is a company with the goal of normalizing demihumans in media and encouraging more accessible gameplay, first named Xysspon in 2017, then registered as a company in 2020. Every project is brought to life by contractors and volunteers.
This wiki serves as a place to indulge in the deep lore and varying gameplay of [[Xysspon]] games. Come explore a world of monster girls, boys, and just straight up monsters as you take a journey through the world's shifted and newly refreshed illustrious landscape. Tens of thousands of years ago, [[Human|Humans]] ruled the world, and as they ruined the planet they were born on, they decided to escape to elsewhere, but back on earth, the radiation allowed the remaining people and species to begin mutating to adapt to their new environment, with some unholy intervention, the world was slowly returned to a state of order, not as a lifeless nuclear wasteland, but as a planet full of lush forests and green fields as it should be.
On average, 3 to 5 projects are being concurrently developed at any one moment. Every game is developed with the intent of being easily accessible whilst still having enough range for hardcore players to have a challenging experience, as well as further developing the lore built up by the previous games.
No, Senyakyo still isn't done.
[[Xysspon]] is a company with the goal of normalizing monster girls. It is mostly powered by part time developers and volunteers.
Games are usually published atleast once a year, if the time between games is longer, it's because a larger project is in the works.
=== Xysspon Games ===
Harpy Series - [[Day in the Life of a Harpy]] - [[Day in the Life of a Harpy 2]] - [[Dire Dragon]] - [[Harpy Gaiden]] - [[Harpy Gaiden DX]] - [[Senyakyo]]
Other Series - [[Dire Dragon]] - [[Senyakyo]]
=== Pages of Interest ===
[[Cave Exploration]]
[[Evolution]]<br />
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=== Explore by species families ===
Earthly Species - [[Human]] - [[Elf]] - [[Neko Family|Neko]] - [[Wolf Family|Wolf]] - [[Fox Family|Fox]] - [[Merfolk Family|Merfolk]] - [[Lamia Family|Lamia]] - [[Harpy Family|Harpy]] - [[Dragon Family|Dragon]] - [[Demon]] - [[Angel]] - [[Undead Family|Undead]] - [[Machination]] - [[Bug Family|Bug]] - [[Mandragora]] - [[Cryptid]]
Sylphic Species - [[Fox Family|Fox]] - [[Machination]] - [[Dragon Family|Dragon]] - [[Cryptid]]
Ethereal Species - [[Demon]] - [[Angel]] - [[Undead Family|Undead]]
Astral Species -
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=== Relevant Characters ===