Wolf Family

'Wolfmen' consist of several different species. All of which exhibit doglike features.


Protobolds are the common ancestor of all the other Wolfman species, they were genetically engineered in private by Markus Houjuu after the Protoneko genome leaked on the internet.


Inumi are the result of Protobold and Human genes being mixed, resulting in what are essentially humans with Wolfman features.

They seem to exhibit no mental traits that make them unique from humans.


There are two types of Kobolds that came about from species interbreeding. They both share the same shorter stature and feral behavior.

Canine KoboldEdit

Canine Kobolds have furry skin and usually have a more slouched posture.

Reptilian KoboldEdit

Reptilian Kobolds have scaly skin and have a more upright posture.


Wolfmen are the direct descendants of Protobolds, the only notable difference in the two being that wolfmen legs are closer to an actual canine's legs.


Werewolves are a breed of Wolfman that initially exhibit the traits of another species, but begin to show more doglike features as they age, eventually turning into a hybrid of the two species.

Culturally, they are treated better than their Neko counterparts, with active efforts being made to keep them integrated into society.