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Designer(s) Jade
First appearance Mugeneko
Birthday March 5th, 3772
Species Styxdemon
Gender Female
Weight 360lbs
Height 8'0" (2.44m)
Occupation Queen of Hell
Parent(s) Haudhu, Vivyss
Lover(s) Xurota
Rival(s) Seyton

Xactie Dallas Havenine (Lillithic : XaKuTi DaLaS HaViMi) is the queen of Hell, and is granted power over all 9 continents of a and rules from her castle, surrounded by the Capitol City in the central chasm of Pandemonium. She is married to Xurota and is the mother of Xyssia. In order to become the ruler of Hell, she had to kill the previous ruler, Seyton, and ended up destroying his castle in the process, she ended up rebuilding it afterwards, naming it after herself. She instituted a proper government-regulated market in Pandemonium that very quickly spread to the whole continent, and is respected in a majority of the other continents.



Xactie is a greater Styxdemon, meaning she is taller than average and is relatively human-like in her appearance compared to other demons, standing at 8 feet tall, alongside that, being a greater Styxdemon means her face has a more skeletal structure than most other humanoid demons, with open cheeks, limiting her vocabulary a bit. Her subspecies is Khasuvux, meaning her skin is the same hue as her horns, and her back has an almost rocky texture to it thanks to the plate formations they grow. Her horns, eyes, and flesh are different shades of fuchsia. Her horns are basic long horns that point upwards. Her wings have three large spikes on them and 3 smaller, more curved barbs on them. Her tail has a double heart-shaped tip with her engagement ring just below the base of the tip. On her back are a total of 6 spikes. Her hair is short, wavy, and white.

Due to receiving near-fatal wounds in her battle against Seyton, she has a permanent plating around her left breast, left-shoulder, left side of her waist, and a large portion of her back. It has a brick-like pattern and is colored the same color as her horns.

Her battle attire / work attire consists of half of a white chest plate with a bare midriff, it extends upwards to a collar that surrounds her neck. The other side of her chest shows the plating that covers her skin. Her shoulder pads intersect with one of her back spikes to stay affixed to her shoulder. She has gauntlets and sabatons made of angular plates, the gauntlets are accompanied with regular gloves and the sabatons are accompanied with knee-high socks. Around her waist is a waistband that has two plates on the sides, and flowing down from it is a cropped robe that has one side bare to expose her thigh. Her headpieces are a valkyre headpiece and the Demon Crown.


When she was younger, Xactie had a rather active personality, doing everything in her power to win over the hearts of those around her so she could acquire more power and fame, proving herself to be a great leader, and leading the rebellion against the 5th ruler of hell after her party's demands for more social liberties were not met by the government of Budilosa.

In her circles, Xactie was hailed as the second coming of Lucifer, with many hoping she would be the perfect ruler to "Lead Hell to new depths" and fight against the mounting divine threat.

In modern times, Xactie serves a more passive role, often spending time in the throne room of her castle or doing housekeeping to ensure every area of the castle is in good shape. On occasion when she's in a better mood she is seen at her regular size shopping in the downtown areas of Capitol City, interacting with her supporters on a more down-to-earth level with the goal of dispelling the popular image of her being some godlike entity.

Despite this casual nature, Xactie still has set up a government surveillance system throughout the areas of hell she has diction over, ensuring the safety of all demons, along with the safety of herself and her family. Xactie cares alot about her wife, Xurota, and she cares even more about her daughter, Xyssia, keeping a close eye on her daughter at all times with the hopes that she will eventually be able to take her spot in the throne.



Xactie was born in 3772 around the time Budilosa finally began to expand its reach outside of the caves of Pandemonium, extending its reach outside to the Styx Canal, where Xactie's parents, Haudhu and Vivyss lived. She spent her time attending schooling in the providence of Styx where she joined her school's serpent racing team.

Around this time, Xactie was made aware of the Rainbow Crystal after hearing of a story of an escaped prisoner fleeing to Earth's surface and gaining power using the object.

Teenage YearsEdit

Around this point in her life is when Xactie begun to research pre-doomsday human history, where she quickly became interested in the way humans used to govern their countries, after spreading this idea around amongst her friends, she quickly began to get the idea to form her own political movement with the goal of usurping the 5th administration of hell and replacing it with a more powerful administration that grants demons more freedom to express themselves.

It was around this time when Xactie and her followers collectively moved to the outskirts of Pandemonium, as to get a strategic advantage against the Red Fortress. When they lived in this area, they lived a more rural lifestyle, doing everything they could to be self-efficient, even going so far as to avoid using any technology that contained parts from any company related to the Budilosa, due to distrust with the Budilosan government.

Young AdulthoodEdit

In her 40s, she met Xurota, and in her 50s she proposed to her, the two conceived Xyssia around this time.

After gaining a significant following, and gaining support from government officials from the countries of Dyss, Heijung, and Aillisur, she, her followers, and reinforcement troops from the aforementioned nations all began a siege against the Red Fortress that ended successfully, with Xactie leading the charge and defeating Seyton on her own.


After defeating Seyton, Xactie spent the next several years reforming the laws of her country, rebuilding the Red Castle in her own image, and instituting a never before seen amount of infrastructure projects that would push hell into the modern age.

She managed to convince the 8 other superpower nations to merge with Budilosa, agreeing to drop the name and simply be called 'Hell', with the goal of having one unified government that hell would operate under.


During Mugeneko, Xactie does what she can to fulfill the prophecy of the Rainbow Crystal, doing what she must to ensure that Cait defeats Spice, battling against Cait once as a means of toughening her up.

When she learns of Cait being sealed in the Rainbow Crystal, she seems to be the only person aware that she would eventually escape.

After MugenekoEdit

After the events of Mugeneko, Xactie finally decides to make Xyssia aware of their familial relations, allowing Xyssia to properly become the princess of Hell, having her move into the castle and take over some duty of running Capitol City after some rigorous training.

Musical ThemesEdit

Xactie's theme is "Wicked Condescension", a song that first appears in Mugeneko.

Her secondary theme is "Forgiving Cruelty", a song that also first appears in Mugeneko.


Xactie, or XaKuTi, in Lillithic, Could either mean 'White Light' or 'Death Waits'.

Dallas is a reference to a physical location on Earth, Dallas Texas.

Havenine is a combination of the words 'Haven' and 'Nine', possibly being a reference to how Xactie would end up ruling over all nine major nations of Hell with the goal of making Hell a safer place for all demons.


Originally, Xactie was meant to wear a much more casual outfit consisting of a bra, panties, shorts, thigh highs, and a sideways baseball cap, along with a necklace that contained a logo with 3 'X's, a possible reference to how she and her wife and child all have names starting with the same character.