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Xurota Vamira Hakuvox (Lillithic : XuRoTa VaMiRa HaKuVoX) is the wife of the queen of Hell, Xactie, and was her partner in crime when it came to overthrowing the previous ruler of Hell. She does not hold any status of authority, but does occasionally have Xactie pull the strings of the government in her favor. She spent her lonesome time after Xactie's installment in the government raising Xyssia.



Xurota is a standard Kamademon, with a human-like appearance, she stands at 5'6 (168cm) and has 5 long horns on the top of her head. She has a thick tail that ends in a reverse-heart shape. Her subspecies is Vijhua, meaning her skin and hair are an ashen shade, and her eyes and horns are a glowing shade of amber resembling the colors of fire. Her claws are painted a striped pattern of black and white, and her wings and back are covered in large scars from irreparable battle damage she attained throughout her life. On her shoulders are a pair of spikes, and on her back is another pair of spikes.

Her casual attire consists of a black leather jacket, black tights, and a torn flame gradient skirt.


Though she mostly prefers to stay quiet in whatever acts she does, Xurota is known for making large changes come to fruition by the accumulation of seemingly minor events. Xurota spends a majority of her alone time reading, decorating, motorbiking, watching videos, and scheming.