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Designer(s) Jade
First appearance Harpy Gaiden
Birthday May 4th, 3817
Species Kamademon
Gender Female
Weight 105lbs
Height 4'8" (1.42m)
Occupation CFO of Limbo
Parent(s) Xactie, Xurota

Xyssia Dallas Haventush (Lillithic : XiSiA DaLaS HaVaMuS) is the unknowing princess of Hell, she lives in an apartment and works an office job for the Budilosan Immigration Committee. In her mid 20s, her mother revealed her that they were indeed related, and Xyssia properly took on the role as the princess of Hell, taking control over the immigration committee she used to work at, as well as moving her home into the castle. Early in her life she befriended Cait and helped raise her, leading to the two picking up alot from their respective cultures.

Profile[edit source]

Appearance[edit source]

Xyssia is a standard Kamademon, she has a relatively human-like appearance. She stands at a measly height of 4'8 (142cm) She has long pointy horns that resemble her mothers' horns, her tail has a single heart-shaped tip. Her subspecies is Khasuvux, meaning her skin is the same hue as her horns, and her back has an almost rocky texture to it thanks to the plate formations they grow. Her horns, eyes, and flesh are different shades of fuchsia. Her wings are damaged from encounters she had on earth. On her back and arms are a total of 8 spikes. Her hair is white and has plenty of volume.

Her work attire consists of a dark maroon blouse, a purple and white tie, a government mandated waistband for the government of Hell, black and white stripped knee high socks, and maroon heels. She also occasionally wears a white suit. She almost never wears pants due to the high temperatures of hell.

Personality[edit source]

Xyssia more often than not acts more pompous and classy than she really is when talking to other people, doing anything in her power to talk down on others and make them feel lesser than her. She always makes it seem like she's doing perfectly fine at work, even if she's absolutely stumped, she'll word things in a way to make it seem like she's progressing quite well.

When alone, Xyssia spends her time lounging around, watching television and posting on image boards.

Life[edit source]

Childhood[edit source]

Born in 3817, Xyssia spent her childhood being raised by Xurota and attending schooling. She did poorly in all physical aspects of school and eventually failed her education because of this.

Teenage Years[edit source]

As her teenage years went by, she spent time on her own studying technology, learning how to become efficient in HTML6, doing small jobs here and there for websites that needed better front-end code. During this time she also realized that she had access to portals that led her to earth by default, something that seemed odd to everyone around her save for Xurota.

Young Adulthood[edit source]

During her adulthood, laws were passed to make education more accessible for people like her, and she went back to school to complete her education. After this, she got her driver's license and got a job as a succu-bus driver.

She began exploring the earth more frequently, meeting a young Cait around this time. She asserted herself in Cait's life around this time and quickly began teaching her almost everything she knew.

She eventually quit her job as a succu-bus driver after being hired as a pit sorter at Limbo.

Harpy Gaiden[edit source]

In Harpy Gaiden, Xyssia defended herself against Radi through use of simple homing projectiles. This is her first appearance in any Xysspon game.

Mugeneko[edit source]

In Mugeneko, Xyssia helped Cait get to main street after being defeated by her in a practice battle.

After Mugeneko[edit source]

Shortly after the events of Mugeneko, Xyssia learned that her other mother was indeed Xactie, confirming the suspicions of her and her peers. She promptly got multiple promotions and was hoisted at a much higher role in the company of Limbo, and began living out of a side-tower in Xactie's Castle.

Musical Themes[edit source]

Xyssia's theme is "Cubicle Princess", a song that first appears in Harpy Gaiden.

Etymology[edit source]

Xyssia, or XySiA, roughly translates to "Pinka" in Lillithic.

Dallas is a reference to a physical location on Earth, Dallas Texas.

Haventush is a combination of the words 'Haven' and 'Tush', a portmanteau literally meaning "Nice butt"

Trivia[edit source]

Xyssia's original design was meant to have much simpler hair, no stockings, no jacket, and no glasses.

Xyssia's second design had her wearing a black suit with bare arms, fingerless gloves, a t-shirt, and stockings.

Xyssia is the namesake of Xysspon and her likeness is alluded to in the official wordmark.

Xyssia was designed after a drawing was made of Cait wearing glasses.