Xysspon is a company founded by Jade in 2016 with the goal of bringing monster girls into normality. It primarily develops pixel art games with a majority of them sharing the same world and lore.


The first Xysspon game wasn't even published under Xysspon, for it was made before the company was conceived. The company itself isn't legally registered as of 2019, but is undergoing the process to do so and may be a company properly by early 2020.

The XyssBox was created along with the company's founding to be a recognizable logo that could be associated with the art style of many games in the vaguest sense.

The company color, #dd22aa, went unnamed for a long time, it gained the title XyssPink in 2019, and is prominently displayed on the company's website.

In late 2018, it was realized that one could put the prefix 'Xyss' before almost any word to market it as a Xysspon branded variant of an item.

In-Universe LoreEdit

Within the Main Universe, Xysspon exists as a mega corporation that controls products and brands ranging from food, to games, to self care; It is run by an unknown group of people. It has its hands in national affairs all around the world, and manipulates the public with use of addictive chemicals in their products or through effective marketing.

Notable in-universe branches of Xysspon include:






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