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'Bug' is an extremely broad term used to classify both arachnid and insect-like creatures.

Proto-Arachne[edit source]

Proto-Arachne are spider-like creatures, their faces are more insect-like than they are humanoid, they were originally engineered by a private researcher, and had a rather notably unstable genetic code, leading to constant mutations between generations.

Arachne[edit source]

Arachne are the descendants of Proto-Arachnes, their face sports 6 to 8 eyes, as well as sharp mandibles.

Arine[edit source]

Arine are the descendants of Arachne, and they are more complex than arachne in terms of body structure, but on average are smaller than an average human. They resemble ants.

Mukane[edit source]

Mukane are the descendants of Arine, their lower bodies have dozens of legs, and their body has an almost worm-like shape. Their appearance resembles a centipede.

Birahe[edit source]

Birahe are fly-like creatures that feature an abdomen, wings, and antennae. They have insect-like eyes. They originated from the dream world.

Beeahe[edit source]

Beeahe are the descendants of Birahe, they have a stinger and a much fluffier, striped abdomen.

Kabut'he[edit source]

Kabut'he are the descendants of Birahe, their bodies have natural plating to protect what would normally be their most sensitive spots.

Uacho[edit source]

Uacho have a bipedal build, but have insect-like legs, as well as a set of wings that resemble a butterfly's. They have insect-like eyes, and mandibles not unlike an Arachne's. They originated from the dream world.

Battcho[edit source]

Battcho are the descendants of Uacho, they notably lack wings but have much stronger legs and have claws in the place of their hands.

Vidga[edit source]

Vidga are moth-like bipedal creatures that are mostly humanoid, but have fur on their skin, as well as more insect-like legs. They have a strong affinity for magic. They originated from the dream world.