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Designer(s) Jade
First appearance Day in the Life of a Harpy 2
Birthday November 12th, 3910
Species Nekomata
Gender Female
Weight Unknown
Height 6'4" (1.93m)
Occupation Professional Culinarian
Parent(s) Emily Gray, Kit Lillin
Lover(s) Rin
Rival(s) Samantha Spice

Cait Nicochi Lillin is the first character ever designed for Xysspon, the main protagonist of Mugeneko, and the final boss of Day in the Life of a Harpy 2. She is a Nekomata that was raised in the Neko Reserve, she had to fend for herself due to her parents dying early in her childhood. She managed to gain the skills and the connections necessary to construct her own house with help from a few others that pitied her, and she has lived there ever since. During her mid 30s she eventually began on her quest to defeat Spice in the events of Mugeneko.



Cait is a character that was born under the Rainbow Curtain, thus, she lacks vibrant pigments everywhere except for her eyes. Like every other user of the Rainbow Crystal, she was born with crimson red eyes. She stands at 6'4 ( 193cm ), and weighs in at [REDACTED].

Her attire consists of a crop top tank top, short shorts, and stockings. During Mugeneko she gets a hat and that item has stayed with her design ever since.

Her older design as it appears in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2 has her with a regular crop top that shows more of her midriff than it does in Mugeneko.


Cait, simply put, is an airhead. She jumps to the dumbest conclusions and only does logical things once in a blue moon, this can be attributed to her lack of education, those around her say it's a miracle that she's even literate. She has demonstrated how much she wants to protect her species, even if it results in her being the bad guy, she only wants the best for those around her. Cait is loyal to her companion Rin, and always defends her when she can't defend herself.

One of her favorite hobbies is to cook, as after she finally got her own home, she decided she wanted to become a professional culinarian. She had little restraint with this, and always ends up eating a little more than she should, and usually has to spend extra time to work off her weight. Cait defends herself through mostly punches, but thanks to her aforementioned weight, she takes a few pages from sumo wrestling and leverages her weight to take down her opponents.

She keeps up with trends as well as she can, and has a notable maternal instinct, trying her best to get along with younger people as she longs to have a child of her own but never has the courage to actually follow through with those wishes.


Early Childhood[edit]

Born in the year 3910, Cait was the child of Emily Gray and Kit Lillin; only a few years after being born, both of her parents died in a fire caused during the 3rd Siege of the Neko Reserve. She was left to wander the Reserve on her own, and within her first year of being an orphan, she met a demon about her age named Xyssia and the two helped eachother grow up. Cait would visit hell about once every other month and eventually picked up on how to read Demon Runic.

Young Adulthood[edit]

After turning 20, Cait finally graduates to the upper sections of the Neko Reserve and is finally able to live amongst the adults properly.

In this time the finally puts her plans to construct a home to action and builds herself a home to live in with the help of some people that she had gotten to know that had already graduated to the upper reserve.


During Mugeneko, Cait makes her first contact with Xactie and is quickly ordered to destroy the Red Crystal. She eventually makes her way to the Slime Cave and destroys the Green Crystal. After defeating the second Crystal, she descends to hell and meets Xactie face to face. After battling the queen, she is teleported to the Water Cave to defeat the Blue Crystal. In order to get back home, she travels through the danish desert and dragon city, in the city she is confronted with a mechanical recreation of herself titled RoboNeko, the machine is powered by the Yellow Crystal, but she is not aware of this fact, and doesn't take the time to destroy the crystal alongside the machine. After moving through the Harpy Village she finally makes her way back to the Suburbs, then back to the Neko Reserve and into the Neko Ruins using a newly constructed spring. After traveling up Mt. Dybla, she has her final battle with Spice and the Rainbow Crystal, but ultimately after defeating both, Spice regains consciousness and seals Cait inside of the Rainbow Crystal.

After Mugeneko[edit]

Following the events of Mugeneko, Cait is trapped inside the rainbow crystal and for the most part is inanimate. On occasions when people reach the summit of Mt. Dybla, she is able to project her image using the Rainbow Crystal's power, thus allowing her to fight any wanderer that may tread near her.

Mugeneko 2[edit]

Not too long after the events of Mugeneko 2 begin, Cait is freed from the crystal, but has been corrupted and must be freed of the Rainbow Crystal's influence.

After restoring the world, Rin proposes to Cait, and the two promptly get married.

Musical Themes[edit]

Cait's main theme is "Cat Cider", a song that first appeared in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2.

The main motif associated with her is the bassline from "A Cry for Help", this motif is also heavily associated with the Neko Reserve.


Cait has been referenced in multiple Xysspon games:


Cait is a diminutive of Caitlin and Catherine, this is a reference to the first name of one of Day in the Life of a Harpy's musicians. The actual origin of the name Katherine is heavily debated, and has multiple meanings ranging from "Torture" to "Pure". It also is a pun on the word "Cat" and a reference to a Celtic mythological creature called Cait Sith told to haunt the Scottish highlands.

Nico is part of a Japanese onomatopoeia for smiling, and is also a reference to Nico Yazawa from the anime Love Live (Which in itself may be a reference to the Japanese video sharing platform NicoNicoDouga)

Lillin is a male equivalent to Lilith, which in itself means "Of the night", it originates from Judeo Christian legends of Adam's first wife, a demon, that was eventually replaced by Eve because she would not submit to him. This name is the first name of the voice actor that is sampled as Cait's voice in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2.


Cait's original name was Neko, but this was changed in order to make her stand apart from the name of her race.

Cait was originally created as a self insert of Jade, but was eventually fleshed out to be her own character while Jade gained a unique design that derived from Cait's design slightly.

Early in Mugeneko's development, Cait had a leaner build, this is alluded to in the lore with her being alot skinnier in her early years.

At some point, a drawing of Cait was made with her wearing glasses, this design sparked the creation of Xyssia.

Cait's middle name 'Nico' was chosen as a parallel to Rin's name, both being characters from Love Live, and both being related to cats either by pun or by character personality.

Originally, she was planned to be a slime catgirl. Her second design iteration had her wearing pants and a tank top. Her third iteration was mostly the same as her appearance in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2, but she was skinnier and had more detailed short shorts.