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'Vulpians' consist of a few different species that all exhibit foxlike features.

All vulpians have a strong affinity for magic, and are one of the only species on Earth that utilities divine magic.

Youko[edit source]

Youkos are the most common breed of Vulpian,

Though most have forgotten about their origin, they came to Earth when a small group of Youkos used divine magic to slip out of the dream world and into the real world.

Kitsune[edit source]

Kitsunes are a Vulpian species that has an affinity for unholy magic, rather than holy magic.

They have a foxlike snout and furry skin, alongside foxlike legs and paws.

Faux[edit source]

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Faux are a type of spirit, usually dead Youkos, that project their image into the dream world to cause mischief.