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Designer(s) Luneria2
First appearance Day in the Life of a Harpy
Birthday June 22nd, 3922
Species Highlander
Gender non-binary
Weight 134 lbs
Height 4'9" (1.45m)
Occupation Bodyguard

Genny is a recurring character in Xysspon games. They appear as a miniboss halfway through the Tea Tunnel, and once again when Duri fights them alongside Vioule in Day in the Life of a Harpy. They take on a slightly more active role in the events of Mugeneko, when they appear in every location to speak to Cait. Genny is a Highlander, and uses their strength to act as Vioule's bodyguard. Both Genny and Vioule are "visiting" North America, the both of them hailing from a distant island nation.



They have orange eyes, tan skin, and platinum blonde hair. Their height is 4'9" (145cm) and they weigh 134lbs (61kg).

Their outfit consists of a cream-colored romper with the sides cut out to fit their wings.


Genny is always eager to help, holds long grudges, and looks up to Vioule just a little too much.


Early Childhood[edit]

Genny was raised by the adult Highlanders of the Pyre mountains. In accordance to Highland cultural traditions, children are reared not to respect merely the people who brought them into the world, but their elders, regardless of familial connection. More emphasis is placed on growing wise and ripe, not further contributing to a population crisis. Thusly, Genny grew up not knowing who their parents were.

Shortly after turning 8, Genny found Vioule hiding in the waterfall near their home. He had just ran away from his parents for the very first time, and Genny sheltered him for as long as they could before the guards his parents sent for him could wrestle him back to the Cinquefoil estate. During this time, Vioule and Genny promised each other to keep each other safe. They wouldn't see each other for another 10 years.

Teenage Years[edit]

Not forgetting their promise, Vioule arrived at Genny's doorstep after 10 years worth of radio silence, nearly begging them to join a revolution against the reigning monarch of their island nation. Genny, eager to reconnect with their friend and in a lesser degree, help those suffering under the king's reign, agrees almost instantaneously. However, their revolution crumbled when their leader died to a drug overdose, leaving the fragmented rebel fronts without a strong central commander. After being exiled for treason against their king, Genny and Vioule escape to North America, where they appear in Day in the Life of a Harpy and Mugeneko.


Genny is a recurring character in Xysspon games.


The name Genny can mean fair and smooth, reflecting their light hair and gentle nature. Genny was picked on a whim, as a derivative of "generic"