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Harpies are avian creatures that descended from Humans and Proto-Harpies; Their most notable characteristics include the ability to fly and their weight being almost a third that of a Human's on average. The first game a Harpy appeared in was Day in the Life of a Harpy, the first installment in a series that would focus around this family of species.

Physical Traits[edit source]

Harpies are human-like creatures that feature bird-like wings, talons, and tail feathers. Some characters have feathery plumes around their ears, and some characters talons are more birdlike than others. On average, a Harpy's weight can be about a third that of a human's, though in most cases it's a little over half, this is due to them having bones much less dense, and differently constructed fat cells that allow them to retain a good figure without immobilizing them. Harpies are much better at metabolizing raw meat than humans are, but are usually incapable of digesting some substances that Humans often have in their modern diets, requiring them to resort to leaner diets. Those that are capable of eating what humans can usually will prefer those foods and end up at a weight closer to that of a Human's. A majority of Harpies struggle with retaining information in the short term, and often require alot of repetition in order to learn something and remember it for a long time.