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Welcome to the Xysspon wiki[edit source]

Xysspon LLC. is a company with the goal of normalizing demihumans in media and encouraging more accessible gameplay, first named Xysspon in 2017, then registered as a company in 2020. Every project is brought to life by contractors and volunteers.

On average, 3 to 5 projects are being concurrently developed at any one moment. Every game is developed with the intent of being easily accessible whilst still having enough range for hardcore players to have a challenging experience, as well as further developing the lore built up by the previous games.

No, Senyakyo still isn't done.

Xysspon Games[edit source]

Harpy Series - Day in the Life of a Harpy - Day in the Life of a Harpy 2 - Harpy Gaiden - Harpy Gaiden DX

Other Series - Dire Dragon - Senyakyo

Pages of Interest[edit source]

Species Index

Cultural Index

Country Index


World Maps

Major Historical Events


Space Exploration

Cave Exploration


Explore by species families[edit source]

Earthly Species - Human - Elf - Neko - Wolf - Merfolk - Lamia - Harpy - Bug - Mandragora

Sylphic Species - Fox - Machination - Dragon - Cryptid

Ethereal Species - Demon - Angel - Undead

Astral Species -

Relevant Characters[edit source]

Cait - Spice - Rin

Duri - Radi - Ashley

Xactie - Xyssia - Xurota