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Designer(s) Potato
First appearance Mugeneko
Birthday July 7th, 3914
Species Nekomata
Gender Female
Weight 162lbs
Height 6'1" (1.85m)
Occupation Web Designer
Parent(s) Todd Russel, Bella Smith
Lover(s) Cait
Rival(s) Samantha Spice

Rin Barrett Smith is a Nekomata that was designed as a counterpart to Cait. She had a relatively normal life during her childhood, but that was quickly usurped by an onslaught of trauma brought on by the doings of others, being raised in the Neko Reserve, and eventually moving to the surface to live in the then under construction Neko City after Spice's defeat in Mugeneko. She is Cait's lover and like her, is also considered to be a hero amongst Nekomatas. She works a regular office job, and has mostly had a regular life, but she's always had an infatuation with guns since she was young, and quickly became very adept in use of firearms of all types, usually favoring pistols for how easy they are to carry and conceal.



Rin is a character that was born under the Rainbow Curtain, meaning she lacks pigments everywhere in her body save for her eyes, which are bright orange. Her height is 6'1 (185cm) and her weight is 162lbs.

Her usual attire is a T-Shirt, a leather jacket, and grey tights.


Rin is an overworked and underpaid employee most of the time, but when duty calls, she rises to action and fills the role of a quick moving killing machine. She constantly acts rather Jaded, showing much disregard for those around her and being cautious from traumatic past experiences. She's easily aggravated by those around her, and rarely hesitates to call them out on any and all mistakes they make.

Though usually she ends up watching television or browsing the internet out of exhaustion after her workday, on less taxing days, she often travels to visit with friends or to go shopping.

She's highly adept at web design and gets paid decent money to make websites for several different companies.


Early Childhood[edit]

Born in 3914 as the child of Todd Russel and Bella Smith , Rin spent most of her childhood hanging out with Cait and Spice. She was a very innocent child, and almost never could bring herself to doing anything remotely unsavory. She lived in the lower sections of the Neko Reserve, and often had to sneak around the security systems in place just to meet her friends, who, despite being around her age, hung out in the upper reserve.

Teenage Years[edit]

Though her teen life proceeded rather regularly for a Nekomata, she had several traumatizing encounters during her mid to late teens, the pressure from these events quickly grew and she fled to the upper reserve before finishing her education to find shelter from a life threatening situation. She found a house next to her friend Cait and managed to convince her parents to let her live there, they accepted and worked with the city to grant Rin the access to that plot, and she lived there for several years, finishing her education through mail-in assignments.


During the events of Mugeneko, Rin, now a young adult, suffers from a leg injury caused by quakes. She is sent to a clinic while Cait adventures around, and by the time Cait makes her way back to the Neko Reserve, she's all fixed up and better. By the time Cait is ready to face Spice, she goes with her and faces their old friend together. She felt heartbroken after Spice had sealed Cait in the Rainbow Crystal, and stayed at the summit while Inu chased down Spice.


Rin is referenced in a few Xysspon games:


Rin is a common Japanese name that can be translated as "Severe", "Cold", or "Dignified" and may have been chosen as a reference to a character of the same name in Love Live.

Barrett is a surname that may have meant "Strife" in middle English.

Smith is a common English surname that is related to blacksmiths, its meaning can be derived from the action of smiting or hitting something. This name may be a reference to the character Kuroko Smith from Monster Musume.


Rin was originally intended to be a near clone of Cait, and was originally meant to have the exact same build as her.