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Designer(s) Jade
First appearance Day in the Life of a Harpy 2
Birthday October 30th, 3913
Species Arachne
Gender Female
Weight 179 lbs
Height 9'0" (2.74m)
Occupation Professional Culinarian, Assassin
Parent(s) Elizabeth Spice
Rival(s) Cait, Rin

Samantha Spice, a murderer, a culinarian, and a huge dork. She is a highly wanted criminal, tempted by the power the Rainbow Crystal held, she became one of the most powerful users of the crystal, only to be defeated by two old friends of hers. She is a mysterious and powerful individual, somehow managing to flee authorities and family members with relative ease, yet despite all this power she wields, she is completely socially incompetent. Her first appearance was in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2 as a premonition to events that would unfold in Mugeneko. She picked up culinary arts out of a desire to outperform Cait, sushi and cookies are where she shines. She has a huge obsession with swords, collecting the swords of her opponents, displaying them all in her home. Though she has a first name, she is more often than not referred to by her last name because to her "It sounds cooler" than her first name.

Profile[edit source]

Appearance[edit source]

Samantha is an arachnid, sporting an 8 legged spider lower body and a human upper body. She was born under the Rainbow Curtain, and lacks pigment anywhere save for her eyes, she also has markings on her body that are pigmented the same color as her body. Like every other user of the Rainbow Crystal, she has crimson red eyes. She's a whopping 9 feet tall, and weighs 179lbs.

Her appearance consists of a jacket, an umbrella planted on her abdomen, a sheath containing space for 4 swords, and web wrapping covering her chest, stylized with a spiderweb pattern above her cleavage.

Personality[edit source]

At her best, Samantha Spice can be a truly terrifying person, striking fear into anyone that dares oppose her, willing to take their lives with little remorse for them and torturing them into doing her bidding. At her worse, she can be a shy girl that struggles to assert herself in a conversation, and ends up being the third wheel almost the entire time. She desperately wants to rekindle her friendship with Cait and Rin, but her previous actions have led to all around her resenting her, and she is only allowed to remain around them because they pity her. As much as she loves being an antagonist, she has her soft spots, and often spends her alone time wishing she didn't screw up her life.

Life[edit source]

Early Childhood[edit source]

Born in 3913, Sam's only known parent is Elizabeth Spice, her father was never present in her life.

She lived in a well hidden den inside of the upper sections of the Neko Reserve.

She mostly spent her time hanging out with Rin and Cait, being home schooled instead of getting a traditional education. She slowly began to grow resentful of the world around her as her mother's opinions dictated her views on the world; she would still remain loyal to her friends, however.

Teenage Years[edit source]

When she was about 14, Spice had a falling outwith Cait and Rin, departing with them after she began to research the Rainbow Crystal, it tempted her, and not long after, she set out on her own quest.

Hearing of numerous incidents caused by a powerful magic user, she came to the conclusion that if she could beat whoever this is, she could have the power to wield the crystal for herself. During this time, she began her habit of collecting swords.

Young Adulthood[edit source]

Finally catching up with the person she had been hunting down, she took advantage of Radi's exploits during Harpy Gaiden, and used her sword to stab Ashley through her core, destroying her vessel and seemingly destroying her core as well.

This opened up an opportunity for Spice, who quickly made her way to Mt. Dybla, only to find that several people were also after the Crystal's power. Before any of them got the chance to claim the crystal, she killed them one by one. This feat of strength led to the Crystal immediately picking her, and thus, possessing her.

Mugeneko[edit source]

During Mugeneko, Spice begins her pursuance of Cait, wanting to destroy her so the Prophecy of the Rainbow Crystal could not fully come to fruition.

She battles with her once, looses, takes some time to channel more of the crystal's energy, and confronts her atop Mt. Dybla for a final battle. Spice uses all of the power of the Crystal, using powerful magical attacks against Cait, but being knocked out by her in the end. After the crystal looses stability and begins to fight against Cait itself, Cait shatters the crystal. Spice regains her consciousness, and slips in her final attack : Sealing Cait within the crystal.

She flees the scene and Inu hurries to hunt her down.

Musical Themes[edit source]

Samantha's main theme is "Your Undoing", a song that also appeared in Day in the Life of a Harpy 2 as "Spider Spice"

Another song associated with her is "The Taste of Blood", a song first appearing in Mugeneko.

The arpeggio from Spice's main theme can be heard in several songs leading up to battles against her, it's usually used to denote her presence.

Appearances[edit source]

Spice appears in a good amount of Xysspon games, more often than not as a hidden character:

Etymology[edit source]

Samantha is a female form of the name "Samuel" and possibly originates from the Greek word for flower, "Antha".

Spice refers to pungent or aromatic substances of vegetable origin, also used to describe the flavor of foods.

Trivia[edit source]

Spice originally didn't have a first name, she wasn't given one until Harpy Gaiden.

Spice's love for collecting swords may be a reference to Gilgamesh from the Final Fantasy series of games.

Another Final Fantasy reference in her design is her sheath, which is a reference to Zenos yae Galvus's Sword Revolver.

Spice originally wasn't meant to wear a top at all (save for her jacket), this was changed to lower the age rating of games she'd appear in.