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Template-info.png DocumentationThe documentation below is transcluded from Template:Character infobox/doc. (edit | history)

This template displays an infobox about a character.

Usage[edit source]

float = right/left
The float parameter can be used to change the location of the infobox.
boxwidth = 21em
The width of the infobox.
title = Character infobox
This is the header text of the infobox. It defaults to the page name.
image = WikiIcon.png
The image to be displayed in the infobox.
imagesub = Xysspon logo
The text to be displayed under the infobox image.
designer1 = Jade / designer2 = Jade / designer3 = Jade
Three designers for the character in question.
voice = Jade
The name of the current voice actor for this character.
firstappear = Mugeneko
The name of the artwork this character first appeared in.
birthday = Jan 1, 2020
The in-universe date this character was born.
species = Human
The character's species.
subspecies = Homo sapien
The character's sub-species.
gender = Female
The character's gender.
weight = 123lbs (123kg)
The character's weight.
height = 1'23" (123m)
The character's height.
feet = 6 / inches = 4
Allows for auto generation of the meters value.
job = Game developer
The character's job.
parents = Mom, Dad
Names of the character's parents.
lovers = Friend
Names of the character's lovers.
rivals = Bully
Names of the character's rivals.