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Template-info.png DocumentationThe documentation below is transcluded from Template:Game infobox/doc. (edit | history)

This template displays an infobox about a game.


float = right/left
The float parameter can be used to change the location of the infobox.
boxwidth = 21em
The width of the infobox.
title = Game infobox
This is the header text of the infobox. It defaults to the page name.
image = WikiIcon.png
The image to be displayed in the infobox.
imagesub = Xysspon logo
The text to be displayed under the infobox image.
developer1 = Jade / developer2 = Jade / developer3 = Jade
Three developers for the described game.
platform = PC, Mobile
Platforms the game is available on.
expansion1 = New Game+, expansion1 = 1.1, expansion1 = 1.2
Expansions the game has received.
devstart = Jan 1, 2019
Start date of development for the game.
release = Jan 1, 2023
Release date of the game.
genre = Platform-fighter party game
Genre(s) of the game in question.
site = https://wikipedia.org
Website for the game.
sitetext = Wikipedia
Alternate text for the site link.