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'Undead' refers to any reanimated being, there are some types of reanimation that can only occur in Hell, but the following types can occur from exposure to necromancy.

Zombie[edit source]

All types of Zombies have a constant craving for blood. There exist blood substitutes that can temporarily sate their desire for blood.

Zombie[edit source]

Zombies are capable of detaching and reattaching their limbs, any limb that doesn't have a connection to their head will become limp.

They may have varying amounts of rot, depending on how well preserved their body is, but they can undergo cosmetic procedures to gain a more human appearance.

Mummy[edit source]

Mummies are heavily decayed zombies, they cover themselves with wrappings or wear alot of clothing to hide their rotting bodies.

Jiangshi[edit source]

Jiangshi are a magically imbued type of zombie. Typically, they have much more personality than other types of zombies.

Skeleton[edit source]

Skeletons are entirely decayed, and have no flesh or even a nervous system. They are essentially spirits that have possessed the remains of their bodies.

Ghost[edit source]

Ghost[edit source]

Ghosts are similar to spirits, however they are more aware of their surroundings and are capable of switching between corporeal and incorporeal whenever they want.

Banshee[edit source]

Banshees are a type of ghost that has a distorted appearance and sound. They typically phase in between Earth and the Dream Realm, allowing some to relay messages between worlds.

Wraith[edit source]

Wraiths are a ghostly species that are invisible to the eyes of most. Usually they try to communicate with people that can't see them, and upon not getting a response, they get frustrated and act out in anger, fueling typical ghost stories.

Litch[edit source]

Litches are the most powerful undead species. They are capable of resurrecting the dead, and are also capable of using lethal magic.

Typically, they never use either of these abilities unless it's for self defense or for preventing another Litch from becoming too powerful.