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Designer(s) Luneria2
First appearance Day in the Life of a Harpy
Birthday December 21nd, 3922
Species Shoretetrae
Gender male
Weight 117 lbs
Height 5'10" (1.78m)
Occupation Poet

Vioule is a recurring character in Xysspon games. He appears as a boss when Duri fights him alongside Genny in Day in the Life of a Harpy. He takes on a slightly more active role in the events of Mugeneko, when he appears in every location to speak to Cait. Vioule is a Shoretetrae, and is under Genny's protection. Both Vioule and Genny are "visiting" North America, the two of them hailing from the distant island nation of Bastet.

Profile[edit source]

Appearance[edit source]

He has blue eyes, tan skin flecked with glowing blue scales, and dark iridescent hair. Their height is 5'10" (178cm) and they weigh 117lbs (53kg).

His outfit consists of a sleeveless collared shirt and high-waisted leggings with thigh high boots. His upper half is covered by a large poncho.

Personality[edit source]

Genny is witty, holds strong opinions about anything and everything, and overlooks just how much Genny trusts him.

Life[edit source]

Early Childhood[edit source]

Vioule was born Venus Cinquefoil to a wealthy family with strong ties to the national church.

Not long after turning 8, Vioule ran away from home for the first time. He had just learned of his father's plans to marry him off to another wealthy family. After finding Vioule hiding behind the waterfall that ran through their garden, Genny sheltered him for as long as they could before the guards his parents sent for him could wrestle him back to the Cinquefoil estate. During this time, Vioule and Genny promised each other to keep each other safe. They wouldn't see each other for another 10 years.

Teenage Years[edit source]

Vioule ran away from his home along the shore of Bastet one last time, heading further inland. Upon witnessing the horrors of the terrible living conditions the poor faced and corruption running rampant within the government that his parents hid from him, he decided he must do something about this. He joined the growing group of unhappy citizens in a revolution against the reigning monarch of their island nation, and eventually became their leader's right hand man. Understanding that he needed protection if worse came to worst, he reconnected with his childhood friend Genny and hired them as his bodyguard. However, their revolution crumbled when their leader died to a drug overdose, leaving the fragmented rebel fronts without a strong central commander. After being exiled for treason against their king, Genny and Vioule escape to North America, where he appears in Day in the Life of a Harpy and Mugeneko.

Appearances[edit source]

Vioule is a recurring character in Xysspon games.

Etymology[edit source]

The name Vioule comes from the common name for Violaceae, referring to his color scheme. Originally, he was to be named Viol, however any potential French audience may be turned off by a character named "rape", so few extra letters were introduced to his name to change the direct translation.

His surname Cinquefoil refers to a group of 5-petaled roses. Cinquefoils were also used in heraldry, i.e. in coats of arms. In Medieval Europe, it was considered a very high honor to have a cinquefoil-emblazoned shield.